Savvy Updates 6/8/22: More on Dexcom, CGM Accuracy Study, CGM Alarm Fatigue, Prior Authorizations Reform (NOT)

More on Dexcom: Dexcom CEO Sayer on G7 FDA submission, developing a 15-day sensor, M&A plans was published by Ricky Zipp for, 7 June 2022.  

The executive spoke about the company’s discussions with the FDA on the G7 CGM system, possibly expanding from a 10-day to a 15-day sensor, and a report that Dexcom was in talks to buy Insulet.

When Dexcom quashed reports last week that it was in talks to buy Insulet, one key question still remained for the company: When would the G7 continuous glucose monitoring system be cleared for the U.S.

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