Pea the hedgehog … a story to make you smile

Well, you can’t say there isn’t variety on this blog. Whether it be articles and studies about diabetes and living the low carb lifestyle, to a wide variety of recipe suggestions, and even washing tips – there is variety – and they do say ‘variety is the spice of life’.

But how about this one?

Prickly Prickles to release Pea the hedgehog
A hedgehog who was rescued when it was almost the size of a thumb is set to be released. Chris Legg took Pea into her care in June this year, when it weighed just 18 grams. The founder of the Dorchester-based Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue spent the first 10 days feeding Pea with a syringe every hour.

Mrs Legg had to feed Pea with a syringe

But the hedgehog now weighs 720 grams and Mrs Legg will release it by the end of the week.

Mrs Legg said she would miss Pea who is now two months old

Pea was found by Mrs Legg’s niece at a farm. “As soon as I saw him I thought this is going to be a big challenge,” Mrs Legg said. She has explained that hedgehogs as small as Pea are not unusual but are vulnerable, have “wafer-thin skin” and require a lot of care. “I just dedicated all my time to him and got him to where he is today,” she said. “I feel pretty proud I got him through. He puts a huge smile on my face every day.” But she has stressed that hedgehogs are not pets and need to be released. She is planning to soft release Pea in a pen in her garden before letting it go. Mrs Legg launched Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue in 2019 and relies on donations.

Story and pictures from here and here

Have you ever rescued a hedgehog?
I’ve never rescued one but I do like seeing them in the garden

All the best Jan

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