For hands that do dishes, gardening, crafting, reading and may even hold a glass of low carb Pimm’s !

Our hands are always busy, even when we may be sitting down reading a book! Well pages need to be turned!

It has often been said, that one of the ways to tell a woman’s age is by looking at her hands. (Does this go for men too?). These multi-functional extremities are often neglected, and on the basis that they are almost permanently on show, is this a missed opportunity?

Growing up my dear Mum introduced me to hand cream sometime in my teens and from that day onward hand cream has always been part of my daily routine.

There are a few tips that can help hands hide those signs of aging and using a good hand cream daily can help. There are also some available that can help reduce age spots. It is also a good idea to put suntan cream on the backs of our hands, something that is often overlooked when applying it to our bodies whilst on holiday, or just sitting in the garden soaking up some of the suns rays.

It is always a good idea to wear washing up gloves when doing the dishes, as our hands in hot soapy water can cause our skin to dry. If you want to pamper your hands and keep your nails looking good a manicure is a great idea, even if you have short nails, this can make a difference.

As we grow older many of us find that a good distraction is jewellery; a large cocktail ring is sure to take away the focus, and adds a bit of ‘Bling’ to your fingers – so important when you are holding that summer glass of wine or Pimm’s, or drink of your choice …

Low Carb Pimm’s

Serves One
3 oz. Pimm’s No. 1
Zevia Ginger Beer or Diet Ginger Ale
1 Cucumber Spears
1 Sliced Strawberry
1 Lemon Wheel
1 Mint Spring
Ice crushed
can be seen here

Do you use hand cream? Do you like manicures?
Do you wear gloves for washing up and gardening?
If you have any tips to keep hands in tip top condition do please share them in the comments.

Enjoy your day ~

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