Savvy about Alcohol, 12/8/21: Tis the Season: Mixing Alcohol and Diabetes

The holidays are upon us … and we often celebrate with food … and alcohol.  Here is a great article and a resource guide to help those of us living with T1 Diabetes.

Mixing Alcohol and Diabetes was written by Marissa Town for, 1 December 2021.  

With the holiday season upon us, you may find yourself being offered more wine, beer, and mixed drinks than usual. If you have diabetes, there’s a bit more to consider than whether you prefer red or white wine.

Turkey, did you know?

With Christmas so near now many of us will be thinking of ordering and buying the Christmas Turkey, for many it has become the traditional Christmas dinner, but did you know any of these twenty five facts I share below about turkey? 

“A turkey is the relation of the grouse.

In Latin, turkeys are known as Meleagris.

The turkey is classed as poultry.

The domesticated turkey is descended from the wild turkey.

It has been a domesticated bird for over 2,000 years.

A male turkey is a stag. The female is a hen, and their chicks are known as poult.

A turkey can weigh up to 20kg.

The flesh that dangles on top of the beak, is known as the snood.

The flesh that dangles underneath the beak of the turkey, is known as the wattle.

Farmers will incubate the eggs for 28 days, whereupon they are hatched, sorted and separated.

The call of a turkey is ‘gobbling’.

They are highly social birds, and the collective term for a group is a ‘rafter’.

The average lifespan of a turkey is ten years.

The Aztec people associated the turkey with the trickster God, Tezcatlipoca, due to its humors behaviour.

The most distinct breed in Europe is the Spanish Black.

William Strickland was the first to introduce the turkey to England – his coat of arms even had one on it.

Thomas Tusser first introduced the turkey to the Christmas fare in 1573.

The Broad Breasted White turkey is bred for its meat.

The turkey is eaten at Thanksgiving in the US and Canada.

It is now seen as a traditional part of Christmas dinner.

Before turkey, the working class ate goose at Christmas until the Victorian era.

In 2009, 7,734,000 turkeys were consumed on Christmas Day, however, fast forward to 2021 and the figure is nearer 10 million.

Four billion pounds of turkey feathers are wasted a year.

Turkey feather fibres are blended with nylon and spun, whereupon they can be used for knitting.

Turkey faeces have been used as fuel in power plants since 2007. 55 megawatts can be produced for 500,000 tons of waste.”

Well how many of these facts did you know?

I didn’t know them all, but I can now tell friends what turkeys in Latin is 😊 

Above picture and facts from here

Talking Turkey, if you are looking for a fool-proof guide on how best to cook one, have a look here

However, if you would prefer some Christmas / Holiday Season vegetarian choices this here may help, and for vegan choices have a look here. Please note not all recipes on these two  links will be low carb.

As regular readers know, this blog is presented in a magazine style – we hope something for everyone. You will find a variety of articles, studies, thoughts, photographs, music and recipes!

However, not all the recipes ideas featured in this blog may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

Beef Tenderloin Recipe In Oven – Impressive, Easy and Perfectly Cooked

Wow Your Guests With Best Beef Tenderloin Recipe – Plan Ahead

When planning a dinner party, Holly’s Dijon Pepper Beef Tenderloin recipe always tops the menu. This recipe makes you appear like a chef in the kitchen and truly is effortless. This scrumptious  and easy whole beef tenderloin recipe from Guy’s Guide To Eating Well makes such an impression.  Here’s an example of Holly’s  Dinner Party Recipes and start a few days prior to the party preparing my make-ahead recipes. I don’t want to leave all the work for the day of the party.  Marinate meat for 48 hours and then cook the beef tenderloin in oven.  Simple and a guaranteed hit!

Whole Beef Tenderloin Recipe Always On Menu For Entree

Purchase the whole tenderloin and just trim the fat off yourself or have the butcher do only a little trimming.  If you go to Costco or Sam’s you get a better price on these tenderloins.  They are very pricey but worth every penny!  Have fun with entertaining and use Holly’s trim & terrific recipes no matter how many people you have coming.

Step By Step to Impressive Yet Easy Beef Tenderloin Recipe

First start with marinating the tenderloin.  After you marinate the beef tenderloin for up to 3 days, let it come to room temperature and then cover it heavily with the Dijon and Worcestershire Sauce.  Then, LOTS of pepper!  Always cook the beef tenderloin on a foil lined pan for easy clean up.  What’s great is you cook this beef tenderloin recipe in the oven. OMG, if beef could melt-in-your-mouth, it does when you take that first bite!

Pepper Dijon Beef Tenderloin
For dinner parties or gatherings, this most amazing meat sets the mood for a ‘real deal-maker” dinner. A no fail winning recipe and definitively on my short list
Servings20-24 servings
Prep Time5 minutes + marinating time
Cook Time45 minutes



whole beef tenderlointrimmed of excess fat

salt and pepper to taste


fat free Italian dressing


worcestershire sauce


dijon mustard

Coarsely cracked black pepper

Lay tenderloin in glass dish and season to taste

Cover and pat tenderloin with Italian dressing and Worcestershire sauce. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 48 hours time permitting. Let meat come to room temperature before cooking (at least one hour).

Preheat oven 500°F. Pour off marinade, cover meat with Dijon mustard and heavily with cracked black pepper. Transfer to baking dish. Cook 500°F 12 minutes and reduce temperature to 275°F and cook another 25 – 30 minutes depending on doneness.

Recipe Notes

Per Serving:  Calories 148, Calories from Fat 39%, Fat 6g, Saturated Fat 2g, Cholesterol  59 mg, Sodium 242 mg, Carbohydrates 1g, Dietary Fiber 0g, Protein 21g, Total Sugars 0g,Dietary Exchanges: 3 lean meat

More Dinner Party Recipe Ideas in Guy’s Guide To Eating Well

Dijon Pepper Beef Tenderloin recipe is from Holly’s men’s cookbook, Guy’s Guide To Eating Well.  Guy’s Guide contains recipes that men love to cook and eat. From the Food for the Mood Chapter, this recipe is rich in protein.  Also, you’ll learn tips like “Remember to start marinating 48 hours before. Be sure to let meat come to room temperature before cooking.”

There’s chapters like Grilling & Hunting and Fix It Fast or Fix It Slow plus preventive health chapters including heart disease, joint pain, cancer and more.

Whole Beef Tenderloin In Oven Cooks Perfectly Every Time

The cooking directions might seem a little different but this is the best of all the whole beef tenderloin recipes.  Sometimes, if the tenderloin is really big, you might cook it a little longer.  With the Dijon pepper seasoning and marinated in Italian dressing, you won’t believe how something so simple can taste amazing!



Beef Is Good For You!

This whole tenderloin recipe has been a favorite for years.  When Holly was writing Guy’s Guide To Eating Well, she decided to  include her favorite beef tenderloin recipe.  So, she put the recipe in the Food For The Mood Chapter as it’s the perfect recipe for a romantic dinner or any time you entertain.  Red meat is a good source of zinc.  So, give your libido a boost since zinc raises testosterone. Did you know that?

Find more easy and impressive dinner party recipes for easy entertaining on Holly’s healthy cooking blog.

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Cranberry White Chocolate Bars Top Best Cookie Swap Cookies for Christmas

Best Cookie Swap Cookies For Christmas: Cranberry White Chocolate Bars!

Seasonal ingredients are the best and Holly’s Cranberry White Chocolate Bars make the best Christmas cookies. If you are invited to a holiday party or need some new cookie swap ideas look no further? You probably don’t have an extra minute in the day so here is the holiday cookie solution with Holly’s best cookie swap cookies. They are also called Magic Cranberry Bar cookies and that’s because they disappear off the plate!  With dried cranberries, white chocolate chips and pecans, it doesn’t get much better.  Except, they take only about 5 minutes to make!  These festive cranberry white chocolate recipe is from Holly’s fun cookbook, Too Hot in the Kitchen with trendy, simple healthy easy recipes. Love to make homemade Christmas gifts.

Cranberry White Chocolate Bars
Holiday ingredients for easy festive cranberry bar cookies. Tart cranberries, sweet white chocolate, the spice of ginger and nuts pack this delicious dessert with wholesome vitamins and minerals – perfect to indulge in while staying fit this holiday season. And, this recipe is also diabetic-friendly!! I like bar cookies as they are made in one pan and you are done! In fact, I think I make so many pans of this recipe during the holiday season because they are the perfect holiday bars!
Servings48 servings


1 1/2cups

gingersnap crumbs




vanilla extract


dried cranberries or craisins


white chocolate chips


chopped pecans

2/3(14-ounce) can

fat-free sweetened condensed milk

Preheat oven 350° F. Coat 13x9x2-inch pan with nonstick cooking spray.

In prepared pan, mix gingersnaps, butter, and vanilla; press into pan.

Sprinkle cranberries, white chocolate chips, and pecans evenly over gingersnap crust. Drizzle sweetened condensed milk over top. Bake 15-20 minutes or until bubbly and light brown.

Recipe Notes

Per Serving: Calories 57 Calories from fat 42% Fat 3g Saturated Fat 1g Cholesterol 4mg Sodium 34mg Carbohydrate 8g Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 6g Protein 1g Dietary Exchanges: 1/2 other carbohydrate, 1/2 fat

Simple To Make with Holiday Ingredients for Best Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Start with gingersnaps which are easy to find this time of year. Crush them in the food processor but you can do it however you want. These gingerbread snaps form your crust.

Next step is to combine the ginger snap crumbs with butter and then sprinkle with the cranberries, white chocolate, and pecans. Then, drizzle the fat-free sweetened condensed milk on top and you’re ready to bake.

Layer ingredients in the pan and drizzle with sweetened condensed milk.  Pop in the oven and that is it!

Best Cookie Swap Cookies Recipe Also Makes Perfect Holiday Homemade Gifts

Turn to this favorite cranberry white chocolate bar recipe for friends and family this time of year. For a quick and delicious gift, just cut the cranberry cookie bars into squares, wrap with plastic wrap and tie with a holiday ribbon. From teachers to coaches, neighbors to doctors, give the delicious gift of nutrition this holiday season! If you have had Hello Dollies, then these cranberry bar cookies are the holiday version with cranberries, white chocolate, pecans and gingersnaps.

Too Hot in the Kitchen Has So Many Simple Sassy Recipes

Holly has lot of cookbooks but honestly, people who have Too Hot in the Kitchen cookbook say it is their favorite cookbook. Probably because the recipes are a little more trendy and the chapters are just so great! From Easy Entertaining to Quickies!

These fabulous Cranberry White Chocolate Bars are from the Easy Entertaining Chapter. The flavor and ingredients are the essence of this time of year.  You can literally find all kinds of simple entertaining recipes in this chapter and you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry.

Excited To Find Reduced Sugar Craisins for Cranberry White Chocolate Bars

These Ocean Spray reduced sugar craisins (dried cranberries) are fabulous!! Best all, you cannot taste any difference so they were just as tasty but better for you.  In all of Holly’s recipes that call for dried cranberries, use the reduced sugar craisins.  Why not? You should be able to find them in any grocery store.  They still provide 25% of your daily recommended fruit needs and are an excellent source of fiber. You’ll love these cranberry bar cookies with these craisins and besides, this is a diabetic cranberry cookie!  Amazing, simple to make, festive and diabetic make them the overwhelming best cookie swap cookie recipe.

Freeze Fresh Cranberries when in Season – You Can Always Substitute Dried Cranberries

Buy fresh cranberries when in season and freeze in freezable plastic bag for one year to have fresh cranberries year round.  If a recipe calls for fresh cranberries, dried cranberries may be used.  Two top seasonal recipes taking advantage of fresh cranberries are the simple Cranberry Lemon Bundt cake and Cranberry Orange Muffins . Both make great gifts or to keep around your house during the holiday season.

Your Holiday Needs Holly’s 12 Ideas For Christmas Foodies Downloadable Only $1.99!

The holidays are here and you need Holly’s 12 Ideas for Christmas Foodies. From evening appetizers to teacher gifts, even – what to cook Christmas morning, these festive favorite recipes are Holly’s go-to dishes that will get you through all of the parties and last-minute family get-togethers this December.  No need to stress with what to make this holiday season – let Holly do it for you with her December favorites!

The Best Kitchen Gadgets List!

Have you started making you holiday to-do list but it has you wondering what to give for a gift? Look no further than Holly’s Christmas wish list of favorite and 12 top unique kitchen gadgets!

From an inexpensive mini spatula perfect for bar cookies to my pricey coffee maker which truly makes the best coffee, the research is done for you. LOVE the silicon bakeware and kitchen tools. Once you use them, you will understand why.

Another Favorite Bar Cookie For Best Cookie Swap Cookies

White Chocolate Recipes Make Sensational Seasonal Holiday Recipes

Who doesn’t like a dessert that is made with white chocolate?  Hard to beat a white chocolate dessert! If you like this cranberry white chocolate holiday treats, wait until you try Holly’s fabulous White Chocolate Cheesecake from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook or Chocolate Truffles with White Chocolate.

All the Cooking Answers for Your Holiday Gifts on Team Holly’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Wondering what to give this year? 2020 had us all in the kitchen more and eating out less so it’s time to upgrade those handy kitchen gadgets! Add to your cooking repertoire with a few of Team Holly’s Go To Favorites on these fun Holiday Gift Guides for the Cook, Baker and Hostess.

Favorite Mini Spatula Perfect For Bar Cookies

Favorite mini spatula because it is the perfect size for bar cookies.  Holly’s Blonde Brownies made with Holiday M&M’s are another great Christmas bar cookie.  Perfect for the spatula!  Holly discovered this amazing little kitchen tool while doing The 700 Club on her Cancer cookbook. In the make up room, someone was selling Pampered Chef so she wanted to see what everyone was buying. She bought this miniature spatula and it’s the perfect size to get bar cookies.

Get All of Holly’s Healthy Easy Cookbooks

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Quichata : A low carb take on traditional Quiche Lorraine in a frittata style

All the flavour of a traditional Quiche Lorraine in a frittata style that you can make in less than 30 minutes. This is a great basic recipe that can be adapted to whatever is in your fridge and cupboards. It’s good hot or cold and perfect for lunchboxes. It also reheats well in a microwave.


Four Servings
8g net carbs per serving
70 g (2½ oz) green peas, frozen, or fresh
55 g (2 oz) butter, divided
1 (110 g) yellow onion (also known as brown onion), finely chopped
110 g raw bacon, roughly chopped
5 large eggs
160 g (5½ oz ) ricotta cheese

50 g (1¾ oz) shredded/grated Parmesan cheese

½ tsp sea salt
1⁄8 tsp ground black pepper
can be seen here

Parmesan Cheese …”Originates from the Parma region of Italy, this is one of the world’s most popular cheeses, stamped with the official Parmigiano Reggiano mark as a guarantee of origin. Fragrant and tangy, it has a hard, grainy texture and a buttery yellow colour. Once tasted, it’s hard to resist the delicious piquant taste and crumbly texture of parmesan. There are countless ways to savour the flavour.

Parmesan, or Parmigiano-Reggiano to give it its proper name, is one of those magical flavour-enhancing ingredients. A few curls of finely shaved parmesan, for example, make a pear and fennel salad taste irresistible, just as a chunk of parmesan rind transforms a slow-simmered minestrone into a gorgeous savoury meal.

The secret of parmesan’s intense flavour lies in the fact that it’s made with fragrant unpasteurised milk and that the cheese is carefully matured over a long period. The cheeses are matured for between 18 and 48 months, depending on the kind of cheese and the producer. The result is a hard, honey-coloured cheese with a crumbly, almost crystalline texture.”
More about Parmesan here

Dear reader, you will find a variety of recipe ideas within this blog. Please note, not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

Savvy Updates 12/6/21: Omnipod 5 Delayed, Abbott vs. Dexcom Lawsuits, FDA Med Device Recalls UP, T1D Kids and Diabetes “Types”, Sleep Impacts Morning Glucose, Coronary Calcium Scan?, Drugs that Maintain Beta Cell Function, BG and Dental Health

Insulet drops 10% as CEO indicates launch of Omnipod insulin product likely delayed was reported by Jonathan M. Block for, 3 December 2021.  

Insulet CEO Shacey Petrovic said that the FDA will likely not complete its review of the company’s Omnipod 5 insulin delivery system before the end of the year, delaying launch until Q1 2022. She made the comments at the Nasdaq Investor Conference.


Start The Week With Some Trivia – Did You Know ?

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Have your tea or coffee cup at the ready and sit down, have a read and see if you know any of these ten randomly chosen facts.

The flashes of coloured light you see when you rub your eyes are called “phosphenes“.

Iceland does not have a railway system.

Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author, hid a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains worth over 1 million dollars. It still has not been found.

The world’s largest grand piano was built by a 15-year-old in New Zealand, The piano is a little over 18 feet long and has 85 keys – 3 short of the standard 88.

Violin bows are commonly made from horse hair.

Octopuses and squids have beaks. The beak is made of keratin – the same material that a bird’s beak, and our fingernails are made of.

The British government coined the slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry on” during World War 2 in order to motivate citizens to stay strong.

The youngest Pope in history was Pope Benedict IX who was 11 years old at the time of the election. He is also the only person to have been the Pope more than once.

Tirana, the capital of Albania has a lot of things in common with other European capitals – except one. It’s one of two capitals without a McDonald’s. The second is Vatican City.

Costa Coffee employs Gennaro Pelliccia as a coffee taster, who has had his tongue insured for £10 million since 2009.

talking about coffee, have you tried 

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Latte

This delicious keto / low carb latte is so easy to whip up.
The coffee and pumpkin spice almost seem to wrap your senses in a big warm hug,
good to enjoy at anytime, and sure to make you smile 😊
recipe details are here

You will find a variety of articles and recipe ideas, within this blog. It is important to note, not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

Sunday Roast Beef with Low Carb Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday in the UK often means a fabulous meal of Roast Beef, and I don’t think there is a better known British meal than Roast Beef. I think you could perhaps call it the national dish of Great Britain and loved by almost everyone. But is there a good or better way to cook the perfect roast beef. It is actually very easy as you can see with these handy tips on this post here

To go with roast beef some Low Carb Yorkshire Puddings, and below are two suggestions you may wish to try. These low carb Yorkshire Puddings are a wonderful addition to a low carb or *diabetic diet, for those who are missing a traditional Sunday dinner.

1) This first recipe is made with Soya flour (Soya beans toasted and then milled into flour). This flour needs a lot of liquid to make it workable.
Carbs per serving: 2.5g
To make six Yorkshire puddings in a muffin tray
2/3 cup (40g) Soya Flour
3 medium eggs
100ml of whole milk
Pinch of salt
6 tbsp of sunflower oil
You can use a muffin baking tin or a Yorkshire pudding tin to make these.
1. Heat the oven to 190C
2. Pour a small amount of oil (sunflower or vegetable oils are best as they don’t burn or smoke in the oven) in each muffin or pudding tray and heat in the middle of the oven for between 10-15 minutes until really hot. (This is the secret of well-risen Yorkshire Puddings with any flour.)
3. While the fat is heating the Yorkshire pudding batter can be mixed.
4. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl using a whisk until fully blended, and leave the mixture to rest until the fat is hot enough for the puddings.
5. Give the mixture a final whisk just before pouring into the muffin or Yorkshire pudding tray. It will seem watery but will have thickened a bit by the last whisk.
6. Fill the muffin cups or Yorkshire pudding tray three-quarters deep with the mixture. It is a batter mixture and should be fairly runny.
7. Bake these in the middle of the oven and don’t open the oven for at least 20 mins after they have gone in or they will fall flat.
8. They usually take between 25-35 minutes depending on your oven.
9. If you have a fan oven they will cook more quickly. A lot depends on whether you like them golden or more browned and crisp.

These can be served with boiled vegetables, gravy and a range of meats, they are high in protein and nutrients. This recipe can also be used to make batter for things like Toad in the Hole, or can even used as a pancake mixture.
The above recipe from here

2) The second recipe uses almond flour

1/4 C Roast beef drippings
2 Eggs
1 C Almond flour
1/2 t Salt
1 C Heavy (Double) cream
1. Heat oven to 425F degrees.
2. Pour beef drippings into 9 inch square pan, tilt pan to coat bottom and sides.
3. Place pan in oven to heat about 2 minutes.
4. In small bowl, beat eggs slightly.
5. Lightly spoon almond flour into measuring cup and level off.
6. Add almond flour, salt, and cream. Beat just until blended. DO NOT OVERBEAT.
7. Pour batter into hot pan.
8. Bake at 425F degrees for 15 minutes.
9. Reduce oven temperature to 350F degrees and bake an additional 10 to 15 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.

This recipe was shared (in the comments section) by a ‘low carb fan’ on this post here

If you also know a low carb recipe for Yorkshire Puddings do please share it in the comments section … 

*Every person with diabetes knows how flours made from grains effect their blood sugar. For people with diabetes, flours from grains will cause an increase in blood sugars. The good news is there are healthier flours out there for people with diabetes (or those that choose to follow a lower carb lifestyle) and both of these recipes use alternative low carb flours, you can read more about these flours here

~ any day is a good day for flowers ~

We bring a variety of recipe ideas and articles to this blog, and not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

Sausage with Cauliflower and Parsley Rice : Saturday Night Supper : Lower Carb Recipe

Yes, it’s Saturday once more, and indeed the first Saturday in the month of December, we have already had a few Christmas Cards drop through our post-box, it is lovely to receive them. I am pleased to say we have also made a promising start on gift shopping and the shops do look so festive. I do hope that where you live you are able to get out and about and enjoy the season, although I know Covid restrictions are still around. 

Saturday at this time of year (for me) means watching Strictly Come Dancing, and it has reached quarter-finals week. I am looking forward to watching it, although it is not Eddie’s favourite programme. I think this show is known as Dancing with the Stars in some countries. 

So a favourite TV programme needs a favourite Saturday Night Supper doesn’t it!

Our choice will be a recipe I first saw at Diet Doctor site back in 2017, read more about it below.

Back in 2017 when Anne Aobadia first published this recipe it caused a bit of a ‘lower carb’ stir! She described it as Sausage Stroganoff, and people were saying Stroganoff, not according to Wikipedia! However, as Anne went on to say “it is a delicious take on the classic Russian dish beef stroganoff”. She teamed it with fluffy cauliflower and parsley rice… gorgeous! The result being a family favourite that per serving works out at approx. 15g carb. This can alter slightly depending on what sausage you use … we quite like a Toulouse style or one mixed with chorizo. I wonder which type you may choose …

Serves Four
15g carb per serving
1 red bell pepper
2 yellow (white) onions
2 oz. / 55 g butter
1 lb / 450 g fresh sausage, use ones with a lot of flavour such as Toulouse or chorizo (also check carb content)
1 oz. / 28 g sun-dried tomatoes, preferably in olive oil
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 tablespoons dried thyme
1¼ cups / 300 ml heavy (double) whipping cream or sour cream
salt and pepper
Fried cauliflower and parsley rice
1½ lbs / 700 g cauliflower
4 oz. / 110 g butter
¼ cup / 60 ml chopped fresh parsley
Can be found at Diet Doctor site here

I always think a dish like this goes down a treat at the weekend (or around mid-week), but it really is up to you dear reader to choose when you may like to sit and tuck into the flavourful plateful.

~ I always enjoy see colourful Poinsettias at this time of year ~

Please note, you will find a variety of recipes within this blog, and not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

Calcium – has several important functions

Calcium has several important functions.

These include:
helping build bones and keep teeth healthy
regulating muscle contractions, including your heartbeat
making sure blood clots normally

A lack of calcium could lead to a condition called rickets in children, and osteomalacia or osteoporosis in later life.

Sources of calcium include:
milk, cheese and other dairy foods
green leafy vegetables – such as curly kale, okra but not spinach (spinach does contain high levels of calcium but the body cannot digest it all). Spinach is high in both calcium and oxalates, so people who are at a high risk of developing kidney stones should limit their intake
soya drinks with added calcium
bread and anything made with fortified flour
fish where you eat the bones – such as sardines and pilchards

How much calcium do I need?
Adults aged 19 to 64 need 700mg of calcium a day.

You should be able to get all the calcium you need from your daily diet.

What happens if I take too much calcium?
Taking high doses of calcium (more than 1,500mg a day) could lead to stomach pain and diarrhoea.

What does the Department of Health and Social Care advise?
You should be able to get all the calcium you need by eating a varied and balanced diet.

If you take calcium supplements, do not take too much as this could be harmful.

Taking 1,500mg or less a day is unlikely to cause any harm.

Words above taken from here

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Five Ways That Drinking Milk Can Improve Your Health see here

Cheese Is Good For You – Some Reasons Why see here

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium-Rich Foods see here

The above is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact your local health care provider.

Dear reader, a variety of articles, studies and recipe ideas are within this blog, and not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan