August – Time for the first of the month quiz – plus – recipe for lower carb Courgette / Zucchini Pizza Boats

As we welcome August, the eighth month of the year, it’s time for the first of the month quiz. I’m only asking seven questions, I hope you may have a go at answering them.

1. What is the birthstone for August?

Diamond  Amethyst  Aquamarine  Peridot

2. What is the birth flower of August?

Larkspur  Marigold  Gladiolus  Aster

3. If you were born on the 30th August, what would be your star sign?

Leo  Libra  Virgo  Scorpio

4. What or who was the month of August named after?

A British King  A Roman Emperor  The first pope  An ancient Greek battle

5. Back in history, on the 5th August 1962, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for trying to overthrow which country’s apartheid rule?

Kenya  Tanzania  South Africa  Egypt

6. Which Caribbean island gained independence from Britain in August 1962?

Barbados  Dominica  Jamaica  St Lucia

7. In the US August 15th is also a Pie Day, but what pie?

Lemon Meringue Pie  Apple Pie  Tomato Pie  Pumpkin Pie

How did you do? Do write down your answers at home and come back tomorrow when the answers will be revealed. 😊

~ and now for a delicious recipe suggestion ~
Courgette / Zucchini Pizza Boats

For pizza’s with a difference, why not use courgettes / zucchini as your base. Just halve and roast fresh courgettes before loading them with your favourite pizza toppings, such as chorizo, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil. These tasty courgette pizza boats are ready in 30 minutes. More details and recipe can be seen here

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